About Us

About Us

TKS Enterprise was established on 9.2.2024 to sell cold or wood pressed (marachekkennai) edible cooking oils including groundnut oil, coconut oil and sesame/gingelly oil (nallennai- Tamil) and few brands of Agmark desi cow ghee. These oils are unfiltered and not refined to retain the natural aroma. Cold pressing is carried out at an approximate temperature of 40oC and the oil from the chekku is allowed to settle in large vessels for a number of days and then decanted and filled in bottles. To press oils, only quality oil seeds, sulphur free copra (coconut kernal) and black sesame/gingelly oil seeds are used. Gingelly oil is traditionally pressed with a small addition of jaggery or palm jaggery. Nowadays health conscious public prefer cold pressed oils for their health and wellness. TKS Enterprise is the distributor for DeeksamTM oils, Coimbatore. Distributor, Chennai Customer care:75500 31067

About Products

  1. Oil is extracted through a slow cold-pressing machine (Chekku/Ghani) at low RPM so that the temperature does not create any heat in the oil (heated oils mostly emit smell)

  2. This extraction process does not involve any chemical agents and hence all the natural proteins and vitamins are retained. No preservatives are added during the process

  3. Extracted oil then is allowed to naturally settle for 14-21 days without the use of any man-made plastic filter (including cloth), which ensures the oil is naturally filtered due to bottom settlement

  4. The top clear layer is the highest quality of oil which is decanted and bottled for customers!

  5. Cold Pressing technology helps preserve the vital nutrients, rich aroma & flavour.